What is this web site?

This web site attempts to correctly and accurately list all soccer fields in King County WA, and how to get to them from your home.  A detailed photograph of the immediate neighborhood of the soccer field is included to help you walk in the correct direction once you park your car.

Why is this list of soccer fields different?

a) It is an attempt to be a complete list of all soccer fields in King County.

b) It is an attempt to accurately list the locations of the soccer fields, so that when you follow the driving instructions, you will actually arrive at the field you want, and there will actually be a soccer field there when you arrive.

Why no street addresses?

To my surprise, as a coach and as a father, I have discovered over many years of hard luck that a very large percentage of the street addresses given to parents as representing field locations are simply incorrect!  The coach says "just type this address into Mapquest [or whatever] and follow the directions."  You follow the directions, and you end up somewhere in South Podunk -- with no soccer field!  I even look up government descriptions of where they say their soccer fields are located only to find the addresses they give for their own soccer fields are wrong!  At this site soccer fields are represented as a "Geocode" and an associated picture -- a precise mathematical description of a unique point on the surface of the earth.  The Geocode looks up the picture in a huge database of the Earth, and then you can look at the resulting picture and see for yourself whether or not a soccer field is actually there!  In fact -- I've already checked to make sure there is a soccer field there, I've tracked down the real soccer field location when the address is [frequently] given incorrectly, and I have chosen as a Geocode location that driveway or parking lot which is going to get you as close as possible to the field, while being reasonably easy to find.

Why show an aerial picture of the soccer field?

Okay, let's say you safely make it to the "Rainy Days Elementary School".  You park.  You look.  But where's the soccer field???  I've been to some addresses where the soccer field is literally a 20 minute walk from the parking lot.  Print out the picture of the soccer field and take it with you.  Park at the parking lot shown by the pushpin on the map.  "Up" on the picture represents direction "North". Use the picture as a local area map to help you walk from the parking lot to the actual field.

Who owns this web site?

Jim Adcock owns this web site, which is a hobby for him.  It is not affiliated with any particular soccer organization, non-profit, or government agency, although they are welcome to look this site to find out where their soccer fields really are.  The resulting geocodes take you to Microsoft's Live Local web site, which belongs to Microsoft.

How can I use your data?

Coaches, organizations, and government agencies are encouraged to suggest that their soccer fans go to www.kingcosoccer.com for field locations and driving instructions -- doing so may help ensure that you have enough players show up to field a team!  Parents and players are encouraged to add www.kingcosoccer.com to their "Favorites" list.  Please don't "lift" my geocodes or field lists -- except possibly for individual use in your own personal GPS receiver -- the geocodes represent my considerable intellectual work and design choices, and as such are copyright.

Why'd you make this web site?

a) I got tired of using street addresses to get to soccer fields only to find that no soccer field was there.

b) I got tired of finding a soccer field only to find that the rest of the team no-showed.

c) I like playing around with mapping software, and this was a good excuse.

d) I thought the detailed "oblique aerial photographs" on Microsoft Live Local look really really cool.

e) Microsoft makes it easier to use their mapping software than Google.

f) This was an excuse to set up a web site, learn a little HTML, and dabble my toes in the water.

g) I hope it helps you.

Is this web site free from errors?

No work by human beings is free from errors.  I know this site is much much freer from errors from other soccer field location descriptions, because I start from government publications of field locations, double check against coaches' lists, use aerial photographs to check and fix those descriptors, and if I still can't find the soccer field with reasonably fidelity, then I don't put it on this list!  The most likely error you will find is that the coach gave you the soccer field name incorrectly, and you end up going to the field name he gave you, but he really meant some other similarly named field.  Also school districts have a tendency to put an elementary school, middle school, and high school right next to each other, with a private school right across the street, and you end up driving one driveway off and go to the wrong field.  Double check the name on the sign to make sure you really have driven up the right driveway.

Have you driven to every field yourself?

That would require literally thousands of hours.  I do know a surprising number of fields myself on the Eastside after 10 years of parenting and coaching.  This site does represent hundreds of hours of working with aerial photographs to make sure there really is a soccer field there.

How can I help maintain this list?

If you do run into trouble, and you double-check that it wasn't just a driving error, please email me at jimad@msn.com and politely :-) inform me of my error!  The field name and the street address of a house near the soccer field would be very helpful, preferably not the address of the soccer field itself, nor of a crossroads intersection -- both of which prove to be very troublesome. Best wishes -- Jim.

How come the hit counter is stuck at 0?

Every time I add a soccer field, which is frequently, it breaks the hit counter.  When things settle down I'll fix the hit counter again!

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